HoneyLedger FAQ


HoneyLedger is a payment platform built for Content Creators and Fans.

We're not a traditional payments provider. All we specialize in is voluntary payments -- tips, donations, whatever you want to call them.

HoneyLedger works on your behalf as the gatekeeper to keep fraudsters out and legitimate money coming your way.

HoneyLedger essentially serves as a very hostile, very wary middleman between folks who are trying to send you money and your actual bank account. Because of the relationships we have with our payment networks, we're able to intercept and deny potentially fraudulent transactions before they happen.

If one does slip through our cracks, we consider it a failure on our part, and don't penalize you with a chargeback fee. Instead, we consider it an opportunity to improve our algorithms.

Internally, we like to refer to ourselves as the VAC for financial transactions.

HoneyLedger is only live for the US and Canada. We are beginning an International expansion on a country-by-country basis in 2016.

No, but if you have a PayPal Debit card, you can use that to pay HoneyLedger users.

We do not support the use of a PayPal account as a receiving source.

Pricing and Fees

All HoneyLedger fees are listed on our fees structure page.

We only charge on a per-transaction basis. There are no monthly fees, withdrawal fees, or hidden fees.

3rd Party Applications using our API have the opportunity to charge a fee above and beyond what HoneyLedger charges.

Hey, that's not a question.

No, we don't charge chargeback fees. That doesn't mean you'll always get to keep the money (actual fraudulent transactions may slip through our algorithms), but it does mean you won't be charged a fee.

We challenge chargebacks on behalf of our users that we consider to be outright trolling or malevolence, and report all legitimate fraudulent transactions to law enforcement and our payment partners.