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Voluntary Payments
Whether you call them tips, donations, or fan support -- it's all the same to us. We make payments from your fans simple, safe, and secure.
Chargeback Protections
Our business is built around detecting fraud before it happens. If you've had problems with fraudulent donations or trolls, HoneyLedger is for you. Traditional payment processors don't understand you. We do.
Privacy Protection
HoneyLedger doesn't reveal your personal information to your fans. Doxxing is a problem that we take very seriously. Reveal only the information you want to publish. We'll protect the rest.
Built for Streamers
HoneyLedger has an open API that allows you to build a robust notification platform when payments are sent and received. Not a coder? We work with some of the most popular notification platforms like TwitchAlerts and StreamPro.